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Bible Students Bible Students Missionary Committee C T Russell
1893 Chicago Missionary Committee 1911-1912 C T Russell
Bible Students Denain 1912 CT Russell Grave
Kopenhaga 1909 Denain 1912 C T Russell Grave
Paster Russell addressing Jewish audience at Hippodrone Brooklyn Tabernacle C T Russell

Photo Drama of Creation Traveling Presentations (https://www.jw.org)(

Photo Drama of Creation Poster C T Russell, 1879, age 27
Transcontinental Tour 1916 Cameraman for Photo Drama of Creation Brooklyn Tabernacle
Colporteur C. T. Russell Colporteur
Photo Drama of Creation Photo Drama of Creation Photo Drama of Creation
Charles and Maria Russell Pastor Russell's Graveside Service C T Russell, Age Four
C T Russell, last photo, 10-7-1916 C T Russell Pittsburgh Press, April 16, 1906
On the Mount of Olives (Listed) Russell Funeral, Nov. 3, 1916 Pastor Russell and Br. Van Amburgh
1913 Columbus Ohio Convention Baptism IBSA AD 1913 Pastor Russell in India, 1912
C. T. Russell and General Hall C. T. Russell Rose Ball
C. T. Russell in India

In 1912, the pastor delivered a talk at a village in India. The village was renamed Russelpuram.

Menta Sturgeon, a secretary of Pastor Russell
Bible Student Convention Baptism, 1910 John Bohnet, 1914, one of Pastor Russell's unofficial secretaries, went with Rutherford Frederick Robison, a secretary of Pastor Russell