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A. M. Saphore

A. M. Saphore

Information listed below is provided for historial research purposes.

A. M. Saphore was a Pilgrim and teacher at a number of conventions during the days in the days of Pastor Russell. Under the Auspices of Peoples Pulpit Association he delivered studies and lectures. After Pastor Russell's death he left the Society and became involved with the Dawn Bible Student Association.

Peoples Pulpit Association was formed in February 1909 when Pastor Russell moved the principle offices of the bible student movement to Brooklyn, New York. This was established under the provisions of The Membership Corporation Law of New York. Pastor Russell was elected president with a seven menber board of directors.



  • The School of Christ, Discourse by A.G. Saphore in the 19o9 Convention Report
  • The Vow, Discourse by A.G. Saphore in the 1916 Convention Report
  • The Dawn 1935, Brother A. G. Saphore is mentioned as leading a testimony meeting at a Philadelpha Convention