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A. G. Wakefield

A. G. Wakefield

Information listed below is provided for historial research purposes.

Averett G. Wakefield once play an important role with Charles Taze Russell. He was a traveling Pilgrim. He may have been related to R. Wakefield, an early follower of Pastor Russell. In June 1908, A. G. Wakefield's name first appeared in the Watchtower as a corporate officer. He supported the introduction of the "Vow." He married a fellow Bethelite Ora Sullivan in 1908 or 1909. She was the daughter of Owen L. Sullivan, a Pilgrim. Wakefield left Bethel in 1915 and eventually found employment in Lousiville, Kentucky. Wakefield continued with the society under Judge Rutherford after Pastor Russell's death. He served both Judge Rutherford and Nathan Knorr as a spokesman, especially in Kentucky. He eventually relocated to Florida.



Synopsis of Opening Discourse below by A. G. Wakefield, Asbury Park, Assurance Day, July 1, 1914 Convention Report

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